It starts with you.

Budget Today:

This guide will teach you how to budget. Budgeting is the first step of financial independence. Follow the steps below to become a budgeting master:

Income and Expenses. How much money is coming in? Where is my money going?

Create a Plan. What do I want to spend my money on? Can I cut unnecessary expenses?

Regular Checkups. Is income and expenses as they should be? Am I happy with where I am financially?

What is Budgeting?

Budgeting is creating and maintaining a plan for your money. The basics of a budget is to make sure income is higher than expenses and the money being spent is going to places that truly matter.

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Why Budget?

To have money for the enjoyable things in life.

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What's most important to you?








How to Budget

The three main steps of budgeting:

1. Track: Keep track of your income and expenses.

2. Create: Make a plan of what you will spend your money on based off how much money you are making.

3. Maintain: Make sure that you are sticking to your plan and making adjustments. Your plan will only be as good as you manage it to be.

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Being frugal means to spend money sparingly. Hold back from purchasing things, especially went they are not needed. Examples of being frugal include:

– Waiting to buy a new pair shoes until the old shoes are worn out

– Preparing food at home instead of going out to eat

– Buying a used car instead of new when a car purchase is necessary

Budgeting Software

If you want software to help you manage your personal finances, we recommend Quicken. With quicken you can keep track of your expenses and income by connecting your bank to the program. Maybe you don’t need this software, but it will save you time in the long run.

Budgeting Blog

Read our budgeting blog, where we go over key principles in budgeting and how to make your budget succeed in the long run. Click the Icon below to see the budgeting blog:

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