• Actually in transit
  • Held by a bailee
  • At a fixed location that is an instrument of transportation
  • A movable type of goods that is often at different locations


  • Exports
  • Imports


  • domestic shipments;
  • instrumentalities of transportation or communication
  • commercial floater risks.

Commercial Articles Coverage:

It is for professional photographers and musicians.

  • Cameras
  • projection machines, films,
  • musical instruments and related equipment
  • accessories that are in the insured’s care, custody, or control.
  • Newly aquired property will be covered for $10,000 or 25% of the
    policy limit (whichiver is less for the first 30 days

Accounts Receivable Coverage Form:

Reimburses insured for amounts that cannot be collected due to record to damage.

    The insured must keep account receivables records in special receptacles on the premises for coverage to be valid.

    Valuable Papers and Records Coverage Form

    The value of each item of property that is specifically declared and described in the declarations is the applicable limit for that item.
    The insured must keep all valuable papers and records in receptacles described in the declarations when the business is closed and when the records are not in u

    Sign Coverage Form

    $2,500 per sign

    Does not cover the sign during shipping or installation

    Jewelers Block Coverage Form


    • covers the insured’s stock in trade, which includes jewelry, precious and semiprecious stones, precious metals and alloys, and other stock used in the business
    • covers property that is sold but not delivered


    • Show window coverage covers theft of stock from a show window when the window is cut or smashed.
    • Money coverage covers theft of money from locked safes or vaults on the insured’s premises


    • exhibited in showcases or show windows away from the premises;
    • while being worn by the insured, an employee, or a family member of either (does not apply to watches worn solely for purposes of adjustment);
    • in transit by mail (unless sent by registered mail).
    • water damage to property at the insured’s premises;
    • theft from any vehicle unless the insured, an employee, or other person whose only duty is to attend the vehicle is actually in or on the vehicle when the theft occurs (does not apply to property in the custody of the post office or other carriers);
    • unexplained disappearance;
    • shortage found upon taking inventory;
    • dishonest or criminal acts committed by the insured, the insured’s employees, or anyone else to whom the property is entrusted; and
    • breakage of fragile articles
    • Protective Safeguards (fire alarm and security system)
    • Inventory once a year
    • Three year detailed list of:
      • Inventory,
      • purchases
      • sales, property of others
      • property off premises

    Equipment Dealer:

    Covers stock in trade and at premises

    • Mobile equipment (primarily agricultural)
    • construction equipment
    • property of others in the dealer’s care, custody, or control

    Domestic Shipments


    Annual transit policy: policy covers all of the insured’s incoming or outgoing shipments during the year

    Trip Transit Policy: Covers single shipment of goods from the time and point of origination to the time and point of destination

    motor truck cargo coverage is liability insurance that covers others’ property that they are transporting

    owner’s goods on owner’s
    trucks – covers their own goods during their own shipping.

    Instrumentalities of Transportation and Communication

    Coverage Examples: idges, tunnels, oil pipelines, loading docks, and radio, cell and TV towers.

    Bailee’s Customer Policies

    Covers customer proptery in your custody/care.

    contractor’s equipment floater

    Covers heavy machinery, equipment, and tools needed whether they are owned, rented or borrowed for use.

    installation policy

    verage that insures against
    loss to machinery, equipment, building materials, and supplies in transit to, being used with, or during
    the course of installation, testing, building, renovating, or repair

    electronic data processing equipment floater
    provides open-peril coverage for computer
    hardware, software, and data that is owned by the insured or in the insured’s care, custody, or control.
    Property in transit is covered. Extra expense and
    business interruption coverage is also included.