Risk exposures covered by liability insurance include:

  • premises and operations;
  • products and completed operations;
  • fire legal;
  • independent contractors;
  • Contractual Liability

-Bodily Injury (BI) and Property Damage (PD) pays for BI and PD per occurance


  • arising out of intentional injury;
  • the insured assumes under a contract or agreement (except for LEASE);
  • for those in the alcoholic beverage business (any liability imposed by law concerning alcoholic
  • for work-related injuries covered under workers’ compensation or employer’s liability laws;
  • for most pollution losses that result in bodily injury, property damage, or clean-up costs;
  • resulting from the maintenance, operation, or use of aircraft, autos, or watercraft, except as
    specified in the policy;
  • arising out of the transportation of mobile equipment by auto or the use of mobile equipment in
    any prearranged racing or related activity, or while practicing or preparing for such an activity;
  • for damage to property owned, rented, or occupied by the insured or in the insured’s care, custody,
    or control except for fire legal liability; and
  • related to recall of the insured’s products or work because of a known or suspected defect.

personal and advertising injury liability covers individuals/businesses for libel, slander, advertisement and


  • Knowingly inflicting injury that violates the rights of another
  • Oral or written publication of material that the insured knows is false, but publishes anyway
  • Material that was published before the effective date of the policy
  • Any offense committed by an insured who is involved in the business of advertising, publishing,
    broadcasting, telecasting, or designing or
    determining content of websites for others
  • Infringement of copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property rights
  • Violating recording and distribution of materials laws

Supplementary Payments:

  • All expenses incurred by the insurance company
  • Up to $250 for the cost of bail bonds
  • Reasonable expenses incurred by the insured to assist in the investigation and defense of a claim,
    including up to $250 per day for loss of earnings
  • All court costs taxed against the insured in a suit
  • Prejudgment and post judgment interest
  • Defense cost

Medical Payments:

Are paid to a person up to a year without regaurd to fault.


  • to any insured or to a tenant or employee of the insured
  • payable under workers’ compensation or related laws.
Occurances must be within the policy time period. A claim must be reported within 60 days of the expired policy or five years if the occurance was reported within 60 days of expiration. A supplemental extended reporting period endorsement would extend the claim reporting period indefinitely.