• Employee theft
  • Forgery or alteration
  • Inside the premises—theft of money and securities
  • Inside the premises—robbery or safe burglary of other property
  • Outside the premises
  • Computer fraud
  • Money orders and counterfeit paper money
  • Funds transfer fraud
  • Extortion—commercial entities
  • Guests’ proper
Contract Surety Bonds
  • Bid bonds—guarantee that if a contractor’s bid is accepted, the contractor will enter into a contract and provide the required performance bond
  • Performance bonds guarantee that jobs will be completed by the contractor according to contract specifications
  • Payment bonds—guarantee that bills for labor and materials will be paid by the contractor as they are due
  • Supply bonds—guarantee that a supplier will furnish supplies, products, or equipment at an agreed-upon price and time
Court Bonds
  • Fiduciary bond—required for individuals who manage the affairs/assets for another person
  • Judicial bond—issued to protect plaintiffs and/or defendants from possible losses pending civil court proceedings

Other Surety bonds:

  • Public official—perform duties honestly and faithfully
  • License and permit bonds—will comply with laws governing the license or permit

Fidelity Bonds

  • Employee honesty
  • Name schedule
  • Position schedule
  • Commercial blanket
  • Blanket position